Do you consider yourself to be a leader?  The best leader that you can be?  If not, what is your greatest barrier to achieving the next level of your success?

45% of Australian girls aged 18-25 believe that the greatest barrier to becoming a leader is their gender, according to anexcellent reportreleased by Plan International Australia in October 2017. 

Only 57% of girls in the same age group believe they have “every opportunity to become a leader”.

Stephanie Naidoo, CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Crane Consulting Group, has partnered with strategic partner Catalyst Exchange in the creation of a new style of women leadership development course, designed to develop and encourage innovation and executive strengths in female leaders. 

‘Stepping Up’ is a 2-day interactive course designed to develop innovation and leadership skills as part of a safe group learning experience, with personal coaching and an exclusive networking group for course participants after course completion.

In this course, you will learn to:

  • TAKE CHARGE of your career
  • DISCOVER your strengths
  • DEVELOP positive leadership habits and practices
  • CREATE and MAINTAIN healthy teams

If you are interested in attending ‘Stepping Up’, there are a limited number of spaces available in October and November in Sydney and Melbourne.  Please visitthis linkfor details. 

As an International Day of the Girl Child 2017 promotion, Blue Crane is offering a discount of $750 off the listed price.  Please contact us at for details and your voucher code.


86% of girls say that girls are just as good at sports – just ask Hannah!

Participant quotes from Stepping Up:

“I have attended lots of courses that have taught me things that helped me DO better. This program has inspired me… it will help me BE better. Eye-opening and inspirational. Thank you.”  (Michelle Marcelo, Service Level Lead, Sydney Airport Corp. Ltd)

“The audience participation kept things dynamic and interesting. I feel like I learnt as much from the discussions with other attendees as I did from the course content and examples.” (Jessica Green, Digital Communications Officer, NSW Health)

“It was an excellent, insightful course for women aspiring to be leaders of the future.”  (Jai Waters, Career & Change Specialist, Chandler Macleod)

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