Customer Excellence

Let us help you find a new way.

Transformation Programs.  Digital Competition.  Legacy Systems and Agile Delivery.  Robots!?!  

Many companies have a clear strategy.  How do you stay ahead of the pack?  With daily challenges and rapid change, buzz words and new approaches, every path is a good one.  Which one is best? 

Blue Crane Consulting Group.

We’re your family doctor in a world of big pharma marketing, one-size-fits-all solutions, new fads and incomplete information. We understand where you’re coming from, we can see the possibilities, and we will help you choose the right approach for your organisation.  Together, we will implement operational excellence in your organisation by making small changes that lead to fundamental shifts that create alignment between strategy, initiatives, employees and customer experience.

Excellence in People and Culture

A Different Approach

The culture of your company is vital to building resilience and continuing to improve and grow in changing markets.

Our clients often ask us to help them create a culture focused on innovation and/or continuous improvement.  All of our programs include an element of this, as we believe it is the culture that makes change sustainable.

We believe in honouring the unique personalities, culture and market that have grown your business so far, and have built the best team to help you take your business into the future.

Unique Solutions for Unique People

We treat all our clients as individuals and are vehemently against one-size-fits-all products and solutions.  We’ll help you develop a customised plan to address your unique position and meet your goals.


Sustaining the Change

Change is constant.  We’ll be here.

We don’t believe in holding back on building sustainability into our programs.  Every change that we deliver is accompanied by an appropriate capability uplift, coaching plan and/or development workshops, ensuring that the change that we help to build sticks – and continues to grow long after our engagement ends.

Some of our training workshops include:

  • Innovation Mindset
  • 4 Habits of Continuous Improvement
  • Structured Problem Solving

We also offer Customer Centricity training and Lean Six Sigma certification.

Ask us about how we can build positive change into your organisation by contacting us here.

Operational Excellence Made Simple

 Strategy Execution

You’ve completed your strategy but the path to deliver is fraught with distractions and pitfalls.  We apply the best techniques and tools to cut through the clutter and create an execution plan that you can see and measure.

Customer Centricity

What would happen if every person in your company understood and cared about their influence on customer experience?  Our workshops and coaching solutions grow customer centricity in every part of your organisation.

Process / System Alignment

“The system doesn’t allow that” “We have a workaround”  Sound familiar?  Our solutions integrate processes and systems (and include automation/robotics where feasible) so your investment dollars go where they will have the most impact.

Transformation  Rescue

Is your transformation program running a bit behind (or not at all)?  Targets not achieved and budgets uncertain?  Allow us to do a full program review and get you on the track to success.

Delivery options also available.